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Managing Partner

Brielle is an accomplished fempreneur who empowers early-stage entrepreneurs to take their business ideas from concept to execution. She has a passion to see women leverage entrepreneurship as a means to design a life that they love.


Her experience includes previously serving as a marketing consultant to multiple prominent $1B+ legal technology brands. Her natural acumen for clean beautiful design,  strategic marketing, and love for location freedom propelled the creation of Globally Social.  She is currently studying business and marketing at Harvard Business School.


When she’s not plotting on the next dope brand, Tania works to perfect her hobby as a travel addict with a penchant for beautiful beaches. She enjoys experiencing the world with her amazing husband and two intelligent and curious daughters, family, and close friends.


Social Media Manager + Branding Coach

Alfie is a creative who thrives on compelling design and capturing the essence, and energies of moments through her photography.  She is a social media leading light whose artistic talents empower her to weave vibrant words and thoughtful imagery to tell an intentional story about a brand or person through their presence on social media platforms.


Her heart to see women walk in their truth and power propels her work with fempreneurs. She works with clients to use marketing to amplify their voice, extend the reach of their brand, connect with their target audiences, and increase their revenue.


Outside of ensuring that fempreneurs continue to “run the world”, she "wanders the world" indulging in travel and impromptu photo shoots at fascinating destinations. She also enjoys memorable culinary experiences - a true foodie at heart. She is a proud mother of three phenomenal kids “learning to let go a little more” as she draws closer to becoming an empty-nester.

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